Fine Arts

Island School believes the fine arts are essential for every student’s complete development and education. We strive to expose all students to creative experiences through various mediums and content areas – visual arts, theater arts, music, and Hawaiian Studies. 
We encourage and facilitate the integration of the arts into other subject areas and seek to encourage and develop risk-taking, initiative, and confidence in artistic endeavors and expressions. We believe the strength of our arts education lies in our performance-based curriculum and see arts education and experiences as necessary for all students' academic, personal, and emotional growth.

The Fine Arts department facilitates the development of performance and artistic skills and techniques while nurturing individuality and creativity, and strives to inspire all students to develop a creative spirit and viable strategies for creative and personal expression. Enrichment activities guide students through performance-based experiences designed to increase their cultural awareness, engage them in higher-level thinking skills, expand their creativity, and enhance their experience of school...and their lives beyond school. The department dedicates itself to making the arts relevant, accessible, and vital to all students while developing communication, collaboration, critical thinking, innovation, and creative and artistic skills.