Elementary School News

Third Graders Have Been Busy! Ms. Becky and her third graders partnered with Surfrider Kaua'i's Barbara Wiedner and volunteers to clean up marine debris at Kitchens Beach! 

The Poipu Rotary Club’s Kristin Hoshino delivered dictionaries and conducted a brief lesson to third grade this week. They’re so grateful and are enjoying searching for words and their meanings!


Happy Chinese New Year! 
Our Elementary School students had another great day celebrating Chinese New Year!


Making Kapa: Hawaiian Studies classes are making kapa all week! Kapa was used in nearly every aspect of life. It swaddled newborns and was fashioned into malo for the men and pa'u skirts for women, as well as kihei (capes) worn by both. Several layers of kapa stitched together made kapa moe, sleeping blankets, while small plain strips might be wrapped around an individual's arms and legs for decoration, and orange strips of kapa were used to adorn the hair. It is such a cherished Hawaiian art.