Elementary School News

Kindergarten - Grandparents Day -

The children made T-Shirts with rainbows and sang The Rainbow Song at Morning Circle. The rest of the day the children had stations where they made a rainbow fruit salad, a fruit loop lei, and wrote about what is special about their grandparents. Activities were videotaped and sent to the parents via Seesaw.

First Grade -

First Graders are learning about the six animal groups. The children each picked an animal. Each child read and researched their animal with books online and learned how to draw it realistically with a lesson on persistence. They watched the film Austin's Butterfly and learned how to use others' observations to help them reach a goal. The drawings and their reports will be made into a movie that will be posted soon to parents.

Second Grade -

Students did biography studies and reports. Each student gave an oral report on a person that has made a difference in the world. Students also dressed up as their person. Some examples of people were Jane Goodall, Ruby Bridges and Neil Armstrong. Second graders also did a study on rocks and minerals. Rocks were painted to look like real gems and minerals.

Fourth Grade -

A focus has been made on Social Emotional Learning with activities such as yoga, "Thoughtful Thursday" where students complement each other on thoughtful actions, and "Feel Good Friday." Daily entrees are made in  SEL journals  about feelings. For Thanksgiving students made grateful chains and painted trees with leaves of what they are grateful for.

Fifth Grade -

Fifth graders created cell models by creating pillows after completing studies on cells and organelles. During our geography unit, students studied famous US landmarks. We created travel brochures via google slides that included, but not limited to, longitude and latitude, tourist attractions, regional information, and weather information. We had Mystery Readers visit us throughout our mystery reading and writing unit, which gave staff an opportunity to engage with our fifth graders, read his or her favorite childhood book or a selected mystery, and allow time for questions.