Middle School News

Students in the 6th Grade Boys Homeroom are learning Executive Functioning Skills, Study Skills, Organizational Skills, Strategies and Character development (an essential component) that they can use to be successful within their academics and in life. During the Fall Semester we were able to promote awareness and the advocacy of others through the fostering of communication and social skills. Some of the objectives that we covered included:
  1. Developing genuine character through identifying personal values
  2. Developing social and emotional intelligence
  3. Contribute to a greater community through service (recycling and campus beautification)
  4. Developing executive functioning skills that will allow them to gain more from their studies
  5. Know and practice healthy habits and understand why they are important to the quality of one’s life
Student’s are also learning how to use Google Apps for Education, how to navigate and use MyVoyager as a tool/resource and have been participating in a keyboarding practice program called Typing Club. They have had the opportunity to learn Spanish as a Foreign Language with Ms. Graves. Students are also understanding the Hawaiian Values and 6 R’s as reference points to their overall behavior and character development as they focus on building positive habits and genuineness of being significant to others.  They have made many gains from the beginning of the school year and we are looking forward to making improvements and further our learning in the upcoming semester.  

We have started the semester by getting equipment ready for our peers to use at the Middle School basketball court and will continue to collect and sort out recycling bins around campus. Our 6th grade boys are excited about the upcoming semester and the events that will be happening.


Students in Mrs. Achuara’s Life Science class started their Unit on Genetics & Heredity with lessons on mitosis and the structure of DNA. Deoxyribonucleic Acid, or DNA is the molecule that controls everything that happens in the cell containing instructions that direct the cell’s activities and ultimately, the body. Students explored further by conducting a lab to extract DNA from a strawberry. Students mixed a lysis solution made from household materials, to break open the cells and break down the cell membrane.  

Each step is necessary and must be completed precisely for success due to the complex organization of DNA in cells. Strawberries have enormous genomes and yield more DNA than any other fruit. Therefore, it can be seen with the naked eye. Students observed first hand that DNA is in all living things (and in the food that they eat.)