May Day - May 19

On Friday May 19th, the entire school comes together to celebrate Hawaiian Culture. Join us in this celebration on May 19th. Performances begin at 9am in the Wilcox Gym. The theme for this year, Ua Ao Hawaiʻi: The Dawning of Hawaiʻi, is focused on celebrating enlightenment and the dawning of new days. As mele and hula are repositories of ʻike (knowledge) from the past, we hope to share the "knowledge from our ancestors and knowledge of today" through mele that will highlight stories or historical events from the past, or shine light on the awesome the work that is happening in the classrooms and around campus. The theme Ua Ao Hawai'i encompasses the development, growth and changes happening here at Island School, and reminds us that each day is a new day to claim the light and make things better.