Don't Miss Out on Chorus Concert

Island School's three choral ensembles, together comprising the Island School Chorus, take the stage at the Kaua'i Marriott Resort's Kaua'i Ballroom to present their eleventh annual winter concert. “HOT HOT Christmas” showcases over 110 Island School students in grades 4-12 performing a range of Christmas music, designed to delight and entertain an audience of all ages and musical tastes. 

“I'm so excited about this upcoming concert,” said choral director and Island School Fine Arts Department Head, Philip Steinbacher. “Out with winter, out with snow and ice, and out with the cold! We live in Hawai'i so why not celebrate the warmth and the sun? And the heated rhythms they inspire? This concert showcases Christmas music, of course, but the songs were selected because of their exciting musical sizzle or the hot locations from which they originate. The concert has few traditional Christmas songs but rather centers on unusual songs with strong, driving rhythms. The concert also features the use of percussion, so even though slower, more melodic pieces are still included in the performance, the overall concert is rhythmic, high-energy, and upbeat. The selections exploit rhythm in some fashion, and that makes for an exciting performance.” 

“HOT HOT Christmas” includes pieces from Spain, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Columbia, Venezuela, Nigeria, Liberia, Ethiopia, Montserrat, and Catalan, as well as North America. “Students in these ensembles have been preparing diligently for this performance since August, and the music represents some pretty compelling, unusual, and challenging repertoire. Mr. Steinbacher's primary objective in selecting music for student singers is assuring that they aren't just memorizing songs; they're learning about music and about culture. That means carefully programming a concert with pieces that provide students with something viable to learn about music and have high audience appeal.

"HOT HOT Christmas” is accompanied by Rose Alfiler- Taboniar with percussion by Cary Valentine. 

Tickets are on sale now and are limited. These concerts always sell out quickly. Visit this site