Reducing Pollution

The 7th grade boys have been learning about preventing and reducing pollution in their health class as part of an ongoing unit that deals with safety and a healthy environment. Students want to share with others that we all have the power to prevent and reduce pollution. Since pollution harms the environment and our health, students want to remind others a how we can keep these dirty and harmful substances out of the environment in which we work and learn. In class, students have been learning about the many ways that we can protect the environment by simply reducing, reusing, recycling and conservation. They are helping Island School to be a Green School by recycling paper and cardboard in the classrooms, using the blue bins to discard aluminum and plastic bottles and managing our food waste. When we all just take a moment to think about ways that we can prevent and reduce pollution in our own lives, we begin to make a difference to the environment that we all live in. It becomes everyone's "kuleana" to be stewards of the land.