Homeroom: 6th Grade Transition Class

Stephanie Achuara
Homeroom is a full year transition course for 6th grade students.  This curriculum targets multiple aspects of a student's social, emotional and academic success and focuses on developing a growth mindset.  Awareness of self and advocacy for others is fostered through developing communication and social skills. The goals are to develop genuine character, effective communication skills, leadership skills, decrease bullying and other risk factors, and to increase school success, personal esteem and confidence in various settings.  The course also includes segments of study skills designed to promote academic success and organization. The 6th Grade Transition class cultivates a C.A.R.E. culture where students:

Contribute to a respectful environment
Allow others to see the real you
Respond to the interests, passions, and needs of others
Encourage others.

Students are led by group norms of collaboration and communication.  They are held responsible for their own actions and challenges are sought out and embraced.