Spring Sports

Voyager Athletics

Island School embraces the idea that students benefit from regular, strenuous physical activity.
While athletics remain just one part of Island School’s broad educational experience, we believe it’s a vital part. Experience suggests that students find reward from contributing to a joint effort with teammates. Lessons in teamwork also teaches them about commitment, sportsmanship, and competition, not to mention limits and stress. Friendships made on the athletic field carry over to the rest of campus life.

Team Pages

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  • Golf

    Both boys and girls have taken the golf course as varsity athletes to represent the Voyagers on the fairways and greens. Students have gone on to compete at the state level the last two years. Matches are played at the many different local courses on Kauai.
  • Tennis

    A varsity sport for both boys and girls. Teams are often comprised of 9 members , 3 singles and 3 doubles who compete against other 9 member teams.
  • Track

    Individual runners comprise of a team that competes in a variety of different events.