Lunch and Snacks

Our school kitchen staff prepares nutritious meals daily and Island School encourages students to make healthy choices.

As an option, Island School Food Services offers a morning recess snack service and a daily hot meal lunch in the Main Hall.  Home snacks and lunches are always an option, too.  Morning recess snack offerings are sold ala carte.  Ala carte items are priced from $0.75 and up.  A school snack account can be set up for your child(ren) by contacting the school office and establishing an account for them with available funds or they can pay by cash.  Funds must be available in your child’s account in order to purchase meal items.  Email notifications will be sent to families with accounts that fall below $5.  Snack accounts can be replenished online using our school payment link or be paid in the school office.  School lunch plans must be purchased in advance by semester.  Pre-paid school lunch plans are non-refundable in the event of student’s absence, withdrawal or dismissal from Island School.