Kuleana Hui Adopts-a-Highway

Saturday turned out to be a great day: lots of sunshine, a hardworking group of 14 volunteers, and some delicious pasta salad. Special thanks to Michael Carlsson of Po‘ipu Rotary for writing the grant, helping organize the event, and avidly participating before, during, and after the event. Special thanks must also go to volunteers Ezra Washburn '19, Stephanie Washburn '20, Patrick McKenna '20, Kaikea Kaui '20, Eliana Pimentel '21, John Bancroft '21, David Carlsson '21, Michael Carlsson, Audie, Mike, Peggy, Emerson, and Christopher and Yukie Johnson who worked diligently and happily all morning with adviser, Dave Reynolds.

All total, the group picked up over 55 bags of trash and earned $500 for the school they sponsor in Cambodia, the Chheuteal Rong Primary School. In the past, the Kuleana Hui used money raised to fund a water catchment system and a protein rich breakfast for the school. Job well done!

Kuleana Hui adviser, Dave Reynolds looks forward to working with club members at their next event, the IS Friends and Family workday. Watch for more info when it becomes available.