Kamehameha Partnership

Kamehameha Partnership

Ho'oulu I Ke Ola O Na Pua
"to enrich the lives of children"

This planned collaboration between Kamehameha Schools and Island School is to continue to assist Native Hawaiian students in having the opportunity to attend Island School and earn a college-preparatory education. This program is designed to continue to assist Native Hawaiians presently receiving Kipona Scholarship monies from Kamehameha Schools as well as those who may be Native Hawaiian and would like to attend Island School. 

Common Questions: Kamehameha Partnership

List of 14 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: Under the new collaboration, can I get more assistance for my student?

    It depends. Many factors play into the amount of assistance a student receives. The intent of our collaboration is to provide scholarships and wrap-around support so that haumana with the greatest need can attend and thrive in a quality private school.
  • Q: What are the "wrap-around supports"?

    These are the resources needed in addition to tuition, such as bussing, uniforms, supplies,  and counseling, etc. Specific wrap-around supports will be determined based on the needs of each student.
  • Q: Do I have to apply every year?

  • Q: How are awards and other supports determined?

    KS and Island School work together to determine the needs of the school to best support Native Hawaiian learners. Scholarship-specific awards will be based on the financial profile of the 'ohana.
  • Q: What if I don't do anything this year?

    If you don't apply for financial aid from Island School through FACTS, your student will not be considered for financial aid. For students who were awarded a Kipona scholarship from 2008 to 2013, a Kipona application for school year 2019-20 should have already been submitted. If not, the student will not be considered for assistance. 
  • Q: What if I want to change schools?

    Any student may apply for a Kipona scholarship at other Kipona-participating schools. Current Kipona recipients (who become part of the new collaboration) who choose to leave Island School would forfeit any existing financial aid within the new collaboration; they may apply for a Kipona scholarship in the future but would have to start the process over again. 
  • Q: Is Kipona going away?

    Yes and no. Kipona scholarships for Island School students will no longer be awarded by Kamehameha Schools. Instead, Island School will award scholarships and will consider additional support for families in need. However, as an exception, Kipona scholarships may continue for students who were awarded a Kipona scholarship from 2008 to 2013.
  • Q: Will Kipona scholarships be available for Island School students next year?

    Yes, but only for those students who were awarded a Kipona scholarship from 2008 to 2013, who will continue with the Kipona program.
  • Q: Will families be able to apply for Kipona and for financial assistance as defined in the new collaboration?

  • Q: Do prospective students go through the admissions process through Island School's admissions office?

    Yes. All applications will be done directly through Island School as well as the common application. Applications may be completed at HERE.
  • Q: If my child graduates from Island School will they get a Kamehameha diploma?

    No. A student who graduates from Island School will receive an Island School diploma.
  • Q: Where else can I get help or answers to this application process?

    Families are encouraged to call Island School's admissions office or the Kauai Kamehameha Office. 
  • Q: Is there a fee waiver for applying to FACTS financial aid services?

  • Q: Is there a cost to apply to Island School?

    Yes. There is a one-time $65 application fee to apply to Island School for admission consideration.