College Counseling

Planning for College

Island School is a college-preparatory institution. All sophomores and juniors take the Preliminary SAT (PSAT). Juniors and seniors take one semester of college counseling in each of their junior and senior years.

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  • Junior Counseling is About Preparation

    i.e., attending college events; taking the Preliminary SAT (PSAT), from which Merit Scholarship Awards are determined; making initial inquiries and sending away for catalogues; preparing for and taking the SAT; and relating grades and interests to various career choices and schools.
  • Senior Counseling Focuses on the Application Process

    i.e., more testing, including both the SAT and the American College Test (ACT); completing application forms; obtaining recommendations; writing the college essay; meeting deadlines; getting responses; making a decision about where to go; and completing the process, including applying for financial aid if this is wanted.
Tests directly related to college admissions are the SAT and the AMERICAN COLLEGE TEST (ACT). They are given several times a year on our campus. Students from seventh through 12th grade can take these tests.

In the process of choosing and applying for a college or university, students consider a number of factors: e.g., location, size, academic challenge, extracurricular opportunities, special services, types of students attending, costs related to any financial aid which may be provided, and so forth.

Island School graduates have been accepted at more than 100 different institutions across the country, from the East Coast to the West and in Hawaii. These institutions include Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Georgetown, Babson, Duke, Wheaton, Ithaca, Rochester Institute of Technology, Mount Holyoke, Hampshire College, University of Pennsylvania, Purdue, Oberlin, Creighton, University of Denver, University of the Pacific, Stanford, Pomona, Claremont-McKenna, Concordia, Pepperdine, Westmont, Reed, Oregon State University, Lewis & Clark College, University of Puget Sound, Gonzaga University, Whitman College, University of Idaho, University of Hawaii (both Hilo and Manoa campuses), Chaminade University, Hawaii Pacific University, and others.