Welcome Visitors From China

These visitors are staying with host families while attending classes at Island School. Mahalo to the Graves, Warner, Hunadi, Evslin, and Thain families for hosting our visitors. Also, a big mahalo to our Chinese instructor, Dr. Barale, for hosting a lunch at her house yesterday for her Chinese classes and the visitors. We also would like to thank teachers for providing after school activities for our guests: Kumu Kauka hosted a lei making workshop after school on Monday, Miss Penny provided an art activity on Tuesday, Coach W. is hosting a sports day today, and Ms. Peralta is providing a ukulele workshop on Thursday.
The children are:
Xinluo Zhang -- "James" 5th grade
Zixi Liu - "Melody" 4th grade
Yunxin Liu - "Mandy" 1st grade
Tianyao Huang - "King" 6th grade
Tianqi Huang - "Viki" 6th grade
Siming Du - "David" 5th grade
Sizhang Du - "Andy" - 4th grade