"The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" Opens Soon

The stage is taking shape in the Main Hall for the 5th graders' production of Mark Twain's beloved, rascally character, Tom Sawyer. Tom, whose parents are dead, is being raised by his "Aint" Polly, who is having a terrible time, "… tryin' to make him into a decent man." In the story, Tom gets into a series of both comedic and serious situations with his friend, Huck Finn and his schoolmates. Many in the audience will be faniliear with the ways in which Tom gets others to bend to his way of thinking - from whitewashing the picket fence, to stealing a kiss from Becky Thatcher. But Tom's clever ways more often get him into trouble. When he and Huck witness a murder at midnight in the graveyard, they flee to become pirates until the trouble blows over. All ends happily, as good triumphs over evil (spoiler alert!).

The entire class has been involved in this production, along with their parents, grandparents and community volunteers. These students have been working hard to learn their lines, cues and blocking directions. Many of them are learning to speak in the country dialect of mid-19th century Missouri. 

Bring your friends and familiy to see this entertaining production. Tickets will go on sale next week, and will be available from cast members and in the school office.