Island School to Collaborate With Surfrider Foundation

This coming year, the Surfrider Foundation's Blue Water Task Force will be processing their water samples in lab space hosted by Island School. The Kaua‘i Chapter established its BWTF program over a decade ago to supplement the water quality information provided by the Hawai‘i Department of Health’s (HDOH) beach monitoring program. The state collects water samples at popular ocean beaches, and Surfrider collects at surfbreaks and in estuaries where canal, stream, or river water meets the ocean at the beach.

Dr. Carl Berg, who leads the Kauai Chapter’s BWTF, is working together with Dr. Jeffrey Kozak, Dean of Academics, and microbiologist Dr. John Alderete to offer training to all the student volunteers who will be participating in this program. After 10 years of maintaining their own lab space the chapter is grateful for the opportunities that this new partnership with Island School will bring. Together they will continue to work to ensure that the health of anyone enjoying the beach or the coastal waters on Kaua‘i is safe and protected.