County Track Meets This Weekend

This weekend is the County Track Meet at Vidinha Stadium for students in K-8. Parents whose children have signed up have received detailed information in their InBoxes. Saturday's meet is for elementary students and Sunday's for middle school students. If your child is in kindergarten or 1st grade, please have your child at Vidinha Stadium on Saturday at 8:20am. Those in grades 2nd through 5th may arrive at 9:45am. Middle School students should arrive on Sunday at 10:20am.

Look for Ms. Emily or Ms. Jen on the Kapa’a side of the Stadium (All events will finish at that end).  We will have a tent for the participants to sit under for shade between events.  Parents please supply your own shade for the day.  Please prepare yourself for a long day.  Again, no one knows how long each event will take.  Please do not ask the Coaches what time the meet will be done, they do not know.  If your child becomes tired, it is perfectly okay to take them home.

  • Shoes and socks- bare feet are not allowed on the Island School Team
  • Reusable water bottle - coaches will supply a jug of water
  • Applied sunscreen
  • Jacket
  • Lunch and snacks - a concession may be available; students should bring money for purchasing

Please have your child hydrate starting the day before by drinking drinks that include electrolytes. Eat a good meal the night before. Get lots of rest.

Volunteers Needed
If you are available to help with this event please contact Coach Jen, Coach Emily or Archie. They are looking for parents to help cover all available events to make sure students go through smooth transitions between each event and  make it to their designated areas on time. We also are looking for parents who could help set up pop up tents and staging areas before the events begin.

Please contact Jen Pomroy,, Emily Thomas,, or Archie Achuara, if you can volunteer.