MS Science Olympiad Team Makes Us Proud

Middle School Science Olympiad competed in the Hawai‘i State Science Olympiad (HSSO) Tournament last Saturday at Pearl City High School on O‘ahu. They placed 7th overall out of 20 schools who qualified. Students had been preparing since last October. The tournament consisted of 23 events, ranging for building battery-powered vehicles to studying fossils or anatomy. Thirteen students represented Island School and won the Spirit Award (voted on by event supervisors) for demonstrating respect, integrity, and team spirit by sharing materials and offering help to other teams during competition. Science Olympiad coach, Joe Corbo, was recognized as Coach of the Year! Congratulations!

Our students ranked in the top 5 in the following events:
2nd Place: Write It Do It (Writing and Building Activity)
4th Place: Circuit Lab (Electricity and Magnetism)
4th Place: Game On (Computer Programing)
5th Place: Disease Detectives (Epidemiology)
5th Place: in Herpetology (Reptiles and Amphibians)

They also placed 6th in five other events: Experimental Design, Heredity, Meteorology, Thermodynamics, and Water Quality. Overall, out of 20 events and 20 teams entered, the Voyagers placed 12th or better in every event they entered. Way to show your science skills!

The following Island School students competed against 6th-9th graders at the division B level from schools representing all the major Islands:
Lucas Summerhays - 6th Grade: Disease Detectives, Potions and Poisons, Thermodynamics
Mary Magoun - 6th Grade: Experimental Design, Game On, Boomilever
Tanner Leikam - 6th Grade: Battery Buggy, Road Scholar
Luisa Junqueira - 6th Grade: Potions and Poisons, Circuit Lab, Density Lab
Raphael Esquivel - 6th Grade: Thermodynamics, Circuit Lab, Experimental Design, Meteorology
Nola Brown -  6th Grade: Water Quality, Density Lab, Mystery Architecture
Kristian Bran -  6th Grade: Battery Buggy, Boomilever, Roller Coaster
Zach Ing -  7th Grade: Game On, Experimental Design, Write it Do it, Anatomy
Sophia Badua -  7th Grade: Fossils, Anatomy, Solar System
Kai Spindt -  7th Grade: Roller Coaster, Write it Do it, Disease Detectives
Scarlett Patterson -  7th Grade: Fossils, Heredity, Road Scholar
Echo Rohner -  8th Grade: Disease Detectives, Meteorology, Mystery Architecture
Anika Evanoff -  8th Grade: Water Quality, Herpetology, Solar System

Special thanks to Stephanie and Archie Archuara for providing spirit, support, and breakfast. Bruce Hogue, co-coach and mentor. Janet Powell for helping with Game On. and Peter King for helping with Circuit Lab.