Elementary Science Olympiad Team Places 3rd

Island School placed third out of five at the Elementary Science Olympiad at KCC on Saturday. This was quite a feat as our team only had six students for nine events that required two students each! The other schools had teams of ten students. Our students had to prepare twice as hard as the other schools; one student had two events and the other five had three events each. Congratulations to the following hard-working students: 4th graders Makani Pham, Sydney Manibog, Lindsey Jona, Shiloh Costa, Iris Cook; 3rd grader Sean Lottermoser; and their adviser, Cristy Peeren!
Our team participated in the following events: Mystery Powders, 1-2-3 Blast Off, Weather or Not, Bone and Braun, Barge Building, Campanelle Catwalk, Mousetrap Vehicle, Describe It & Build It, and Mystery Architecture.

Shiloh and Sean placed first in Mystery Powders, which required them to identify three combinations of two powders each, through the use of chemical reactions and heat.