Elementary School News

Elementary Science Olympiad- Any students interested in participating should contact Mrs. Cristy. Practices will start in the last week of January in the first grade classroom. Practices will be on Tuesdays and Wednesdays until the third week of April when the competition will take place. Parent participation will be needed to help prepare for all of the events. 

Third Grade Adventures - Mahalo Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge for the excellent lessons provided by Ranger Christa and volunteer Ben. Third grade participated in using binoculars to identify various seabirds, learned about ecosystems, practiced mapping skills to find countries on a giant map and dissected boluses in classroom lab. We discovered marine debris during the bolus dissection, which gave us a lot to think about related to plastic pollution. We enjoyed the suggestion by Ranger Christa to enjoy lunch and recess at the new playground nearby. Third grade is truly grateful!
Mahalo to our parent volunteer, Erik Pajdak, for serving as a human bird during Ranger Christa McLeod's lesson about seabirds, Ben Buescher, and Mr. Alika who shared valuable knowledge related to plastic pollution and the ByFusion blocks at school, as well as a connection to the place.

Mahalo to Barbara Wiedner of Surfrider Kauai for preparing a dynamic lesson plan for third grade taking our science unit deeper related to marine debris. We visited the first building in the world made of specialized ByFusion blocks containing plastic waste. We're looking forward to being part of the solution by participating in a beach clean up this Friday with Barbara and other Surfrider Kauai volunteers. 

Kindergarten Visits Grove Farm - Ms. Shantelle's kindergarten class went on an adventure to Grove Farm!