Na Pua Keiki

Learning Voyages: Nā Pua Keiki dedicated their Learning Voyage week to kalo. The first day, they introduced the class to the history of kalo, the importance to the Hawaiian culture, and its various uses. Students were able to pound kalo to make pa'iai and taste poi, taro chips and kulolo. On day 2 of their Kalo Learning Voyage, they practiced poi pounding with playdoh, and also practiced making lau lau's. They printed on wall hangings with kalo leaves. Keiki made their own 'ohana, represented by the kalo plant. Day 3 of their Learning Voyage was spent preparing the supplies and wrapping lau lau's. Keiki picked ti leaves and washed lū'au leaves. They each took turns wrapping lau lau's. The final day of their Learning Voyage was celebrated with a Luau where Keiki made ti leaf lei for themselves. They also ate the lau lau's that were made. It was a day enjoyed by all!