Photos of the Week: Peace & Piece of Mind

Yearbook students were given an assignment called "Peace/Piece of Mind". They were instructed to go find 2 pictures that represent their interpretation and provide captions. View some of their interesting interpretations.

Putting your thoughts into drawings. In Mrs. Penny’s art class, her students are drawing their personalities onto a piece of paper where they can express their minds and thoughts. Even though this subject might be boring, there are many ways to express your personalities into a piece of art. These students are working intensely on this project showing their inner emotions towards themselves and engaging themselves to really think about who they are. - Chloe Inouye '24

Look up. The sky was beautiful and sunny on Friday the 11th!  The sun cast a rainbow in the cloud in this picture, making it so calming and peaceful. This photo was taken over by the lake and school bus parking area. You never know what you might see when you look at the sky! - Peace - Charlie Harrison '24

SUNKISSED. Echo Rohner basks in the sunlight during the golden hour of the sunset. The sunset on that day was at 6:46 PM and the picture was taken at the perfect time of 6:27 PM. There was enough wind to make the photo interesting, and the grass had just been cut. “The light was so pretty that evening, I had taken the photo at the perfect time and the sun wasn't blinding my eyes.” - Echo Rohner '23

ART IS EVERYWHERE. This week yearbook students have been asked to take pictures of what peace or piece of mind is to them. To me, piece of mind is art, art is incredibly important for students of all ages. Art allows one to express themselves free of judgement, they are able to do this by using numerous colors to show their emotions through many different forms of art. “Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up” - Pablo Picasso. - Kali Ilnickij '23

Piece of Mind. The students stress to write down the notes that are given in class and finish the homework video notes that are given. On September 11, 2020, Jenny Lewis asks her class to take out their Video notes that were assigned for homework. As the students pull their homework notes out they correct their tests that were given back to them and use a piece of their mind to correct their mistakes. - Skylyn Fagarang-Alalem '24

Leading Lines to the End! The tree tunnel at Island school in the morning is very peaceful. The lines really draw my eyes to the end of the tunnel. “I thought the picture was cool so I knew I had to snap that shot. - Kash Lanini ‘24

BREATH. Focusing on their relaxing meditation, Ms.Emily’s yoga class is taking in the fresh breezy air while stretching. Normally they would meditate in the Frear Center, but since today's weather was perfect they decided to switch it up a bit! - Brittany Valentino '24

PEACE. Although their daily routine has drastically changed, preschoolers have found peace and happiness by adapting to an all-outside school day. Separated from the rest of the campus, they are able to roam outside and participate in special activities without masks on. “Having the entire school day outside is a big change but there is no way these kids are wearings masks” the preschool staff explains. - Canaan Washburn ‘22

Mud Soup! Preschoolers play around with dirt and ‘sprinkles’, proudly showing off their creations. This is meant as a peace of mind photo as this is a creative activity where one can find ‘peace of mind’. - Clara Eriksson Clay '24

Your Vision. The elementary art class teacher placed a bucket of paintbrushes to do an art project later on in the day. The paintbrushes are all different colors, shapes, and sizes; which represent all of the students who will get to use them later on! - Brooklyn Valentino ‘24