High School News

Senate President Ron Kouchi joined both sections of the Sophomore American Government Class this Wednesday and Thursday. Senator Kouchi addressed our basic academic questions regarding the structure and function of the state government compared to both the national and county governments but what was most interesting was to hear his responses to the student's questions. The students asked questions regarding the states response to the Covid-19 Pandemic, how Covid-19 has impacted the State of Hawaii's finances, Environmental issues that might be coming soon to the legislature, and various questions into the Senator's personal life (he has two sons who attended Island School and his wife was a teacher at Kapaa Elementary), what inspired him to get into politics (need for affordable housing to allow Kauai kids to come home and live), and what does he look forward to doing in the near future (being together with his family and not being isolated in Honolulu). You can view the video of the interview here.

The Sustainability Class continues to assist our campus weekly in being more environmentally friendly and having less of an impact on the environment.  Some of the projects include working on and restarting the small campus garden, working with the new Island School Surfrider Club Chapter of the by increasing the composting of food on campus, and helping with the recycling of high 5 deposit containers on campus.  

Members of the Sustainability Class moving our Jora 700 composting machine to the garden next to Wilcox Gym. Anika E. and Julia B. are leading the effort to capture more food waste on campus that can become soil / soil amendment for our garden in the future.