Na Pua Keiki

Children love to count! Counting helps them make sense of their world and to find out how many of something. With time and practice, children develop an understanding of the “rules” or principles of counting. In Na Pua Keiki, we extend many opportunities for our students to make sense of numbers and counting. With planned activities, daily routines, and materials in the environment our students can experience the fundamental “Big Idea” questions: How much? and How many? These questions are embedded in our everyday life that we are often not conscious in fact we are doing Math. We use our morning message board to read through messages one through five; our linear calendar is used to find out what number day it is, for daily counting,  and number recognition; daily counting jar supports one to one correspondence counting for the number of the day, and our small group activities invite students to experience and practice counting in different and flexible ways. Small group activities pictured included two “Big Idea” questions -  “Roll the dice” - How many dots on the dice? And “How many people are in my family?”