Middle School News

The Art of Being Yourself: Students in Mrs. Achuara’s Life Science class have been discovering cells, the basic unit of structure and function in living things.  Tiny structures called organelles, carry out specific functions within the cell for the overall productivity of the cell.  We are all unique because of our cell composition and our exact DNA which makes us who we are.  Students designed and created personalized “shrinky dinks” cell models.  They reflected on a personal sense of self, expanding further on this week’s advisory lesson: - Belonging is not about fitting in to be like other people.  Belonging is having the courage to accept ourselves and others for who we are.  

“I don't look the same as you or the person next to you but that's ok. That's what makes me, me.”

“We are all the same, yet so different.”

“If all of us were the same, this world wouldn't be as colorful”

"I am unique and I strive in the strong so my energy is long although I go alone I am still part of the room."

A boat at a harbor is safe, but it's not what boats were built for. Concluding that you must catch the trade winds in your sails, to find where you belong."

"Be yourself. You got to love yourself. I will be ME!"