Na Pua Keiki

Word Collectors - Thumpity Thump Words from How to Catch a Snowman Story

Early Literacy (PreK - Kindergarten & 1st - 3rd Grade)  

To become successful readers and writers, all children need a strong foundation in oral language and literacy. Na Pua Keiki teachers use strategies that exemplify speaking, listening, writing, and reading. We provide motivation and incentive to help all children reach their potential. This week after reading the story the children created their own snowman, created traps to catch him/her, and made snowball cookies. These activities sparked additional interest. They became word finders inside the story. Pictured you will see the words they found in book that engaged conversation pertaining to the meaning of the word and the shapes and sounds of letters. Some of the children made their own Thumpity Thump word book.