Elementary School News

Station #1: Slip N’ Slide Hawaiian Value:
Hoʻohanohano - To honor the dignity of others. Conduct  yourself with distinction, and cultivate respectfulness. 
• Students will line up (distanced) and go one at a time on the slip n’  slide.  
*Disposable masks will be provided 
Station #2: Relay Race & Tug o War  
Hawaiian Value: Lokahi - The value of teamwork: Collaboration and  cooperation. Harmony and unity. People who work together can achieve  more.  
• The group will split into 2 groups  

Station #3: Giant Jenga & Bowling:
Hawaiian Value: Hoʻohana - The value of work: To work with intent and with  purpose.  
Players take turns removing one block at a time from a tower constructed of  54 blocks. Each block removed is then placed on top of the tower, creating a  progressively more unstable structure. The game ends when the tower falls. 
• Students will get into groups of 2-3  

Station #4: Art Collaboration Project:
Hawaiian Value: ʻImi ola - To “seek the best life.” Our purpose in life is to seek its highest form. The value of mission and vision.  

Station #5: Memory Maze: 
Hawaiian Value: ʻIke loa - The value of learning. To know well. To seek  knowledge and wisdom.  
A bunch of black spaces are laid out on the ground in a grid. There is a  specific pattern that must be followed in order for each Hui member to cross. Only the station leader knows the pattern. The pattern can be solved through  trial and error. When the wrong box is stepped on that person must move to the back of the  line. Every member of the team must rely on each other by paying attention and remembering which square works and which square does not work. Every member of the team must complete the maze in the same pattern in order to complete the maze. The station leader can have more advanced patterns as the team completes each pattern. At first students can talk and work out how to beat the maze as a team. 
A permutation of this latter could be students are not allowed to talk or communicate with each other or the whole Hui must start over. 

Station #6: Minute To Win It & Pass The Water: 
Hawaiian Value: Hoʻomau - The value of perseverance. To persist, to  continue, to perpetuate. Never give up. 

Station #7: Pass The Water: 
Teams will pass water from a cup over their heads dumping it into their  teammates cup who is in line behind them. Their teammate needs to catch as  much water as possible. This process will continue until the last person is  reached who will dump the water into a container. First team to fill their  container to the line wins. 
• Get into two groups and line up starting at the bucket 
• Pass out cups to each student 
• The students will pour the water over their head to the next person  who needs to catch as much as they can. Repeat until they get to the  end of the line.  
• The last person will pour the water into a cup  
• The team who fills their bucket up first wins 

Station #8: Minute To Win It:
1.Spoon Ball 
 Using only a spoon, bounce and catch a ball as many times as you can in one  minute.