History Day

The 8th Grade World History Class students are currently awaiting the results of the first round of judging on their projects.
Communications in History is the theme for 2020 - 2021 which availed itself to some interesting projects ranging from the use of carrier pigeons for communications, the origins and use of the Pony Express, and the history behind the origin of various languages from Korean to tactile and visual forms of communication.
The contest has a different feel this year since we are 100% virtual and fully digitized for all of our projects.  Students created their exhibits using Google Draw which is quite a difference from creating our displays using various creative art materials on physical boards. The documentaries were done using personal digital devices(iPhones) as well as cameras from our digital media lab and of course their Chromebooks.  Some students were able to combine work for both Digital Media (thanks to Ms. Janet and Mr. King) and World History which also helps improve the quality of their submissions. We are always excited to see the end products of our students work as it is always inspiring.
We will be advancing about 1/2 of the entries to the Regional History Day which takes place starting February 13th at which time we will submit our entries and wait for the results to see who will be advancing to the State History Day in April.