Middle School News

Ms. Penny's Art Class:
This week's amazing art work. We are so impressed with the talent our students show week after week. Great job everyone!

Mr. King's Technology Class
The "Best of..." Assignment in Middle School Digital Technology, students have been learning about Composition, Angle and Position (CAP) as it relates to taking pictures. Students this last month were busy with a digital picture scavenger hunt whereby they needed to get creative in photographing subjects and composing shots from different angles and positions. Access these links to see some of their work.

Period 2
Period 3

Building a Wa’a (Canoe)

Students and their 'ohana used recycled materials of things they found in their environment to create their own wa’a as part of an activity done in their PE., Health and Wellness class.

Students have learned how their bodies are changing during adolescence and that these changes happen at different rates for different people. This is part of the normal developmental process. We discussed how a wa’a (canoe) also goes through many changes, from a koa seedling that becomes a tree and then a canoe. Thus, we have the following canoe building activity to enhance student’s personal development and understanding of puberty and to reinforce that different is normal.

In addition to building the hull or body of the wa’a students could add on other parts of the canoe including:

‘Iako or boom
Ama or floater
Kia or mast
Pe’a or sail

Check out the amazing creativity our students have in creating their own wa’a (canoe).