Na Pua Keiki

After a two day delay on our learning voyage due to broken water pipes we began on our inquiry journey. We picked this particular topic because many of our students have shown an interest in map making. As with any inquiry project it is student centered and leads off with questions to see what they know about a particular topic.  

The following are questions and answers that we started with:
Question 1:  What is navigating?
Answers: Going around, something you use, planet going around the sun, thinking, adventures, going on a rocket ship, asking questions, discovering something, sailing on a boat, when you go somewhere, and when you at one place and going to another.
Question 2: What ways do we navigate?  
Answers: Walk, car, on water, on the grass or sand, moon, outer space, a canoe on the ocean, a truck on the road, airplanes roll a little bit and then go up in the sky, and wheels.
Question 3: What tools do we need to navigate?
Answers: Map, compass, steering wheel, water, telescope, sun, legs, a compass, binoculars, boats, your legs, your brains, and your eyes.
We then spent some time looking at areas we navigate in such as air, space, water, and land while sorting the different transportation vehicles used for travel.  
As with all our inquiry projects, they take as long as we hold the students interest. Even though  our voyage was delayed we anticipate this voyage to be extended for quite sometime. Stay tuned next week to see where we navigate next!