High School News

Spanish 2 and 3 learned about the Mexican tradition of los cascarones which are hollowed-out eggs filled with confetti that are broken over the heads of friends and family members!  Families decorate los cascarones to celebrate La Pascua (Easter).  Students enjoyed breaking the cascarones over each other’s heads, and made comparisons with the American tradition of April Fool’s Day (Día de los tontos) as others might think they were raw eggs, when really they were filled with confetti. ¡Feliz Pascua!

Sky S., '23, checking out the soap she and her classmates made in Dr. Patterson's Honors Chemistry. The soap is made using the “cold process” and is made just like soap has been made for hundreds of years: using fats and lye. This year’s soap came out especially good. After the soap is made, it has to cure for 3-4 weeks before it can be used. It sits on these trays during the curing process.