Middle School News

U’i Bandmann who attended Kamehameha School and graduated from University of Hawaii with a masters degree in Hawaiian Studies was a guest speaker in the 7th Grade Life Science classes. U’i who plays 11 different instruments describes herself as a “Hula Dancing Musician”, emphasizing combining Hawaiian Language with Music. She spoke to students about following their passion and describing our jobs as teachers to “instill your passion in you and bring out your personal story.” U’i runs her own School of Hawaiian Music and also works as a Cultural Advisor to one of the major hotels on the island. Students enjoyed the sounds of the steel guitar and were invited to play ukulele along with her. Her visit was a part of a place-based collaborative unit, Kaua’i Our Home & Community: Utilization vs. Conservation where students have the opportunity to engage in conversations with community members on authentic topics with an objective to connect students to place and understanding the natural and cultural dynamics at play on Kaua’i.