Middle School News

Students in Mr. Gegen's High School Sustainability class and Stephanie Achuara’s 7th Grade Life Science class celebrated Earth Day by collaborating for an on-campus field trip. The Sustainability students presented to the 7th graders on topics such as Quality over Quantity, Recycling, and Sustainability before heading out to the community garden off of the 1st and 2nd grade classroom to plant trees, weed, prune the Ti leaf plants and learn about composting. Students also planted trees and pineapples near the Frear Center and walked the perimeter of campus to see the Solar Farm. Students were able to enjoy lunch as a class near the imu which was provided by community members. Students were also able to take home donated plants. A special thank you to Mr. G and all who worked to make this opportunity happen for students including the teacher chaperones Ms. Jen Pomroy, Mr. Archie, Mr. King, Mrs. Pearson, Mr. Corbo and all those who made donations of food, plants, and their time.