Place Based Inquiry

Students in Mr. King's Place Based Inquiry class created maps in their journals, and learned about the essential parts of a map, including how to make a locator and how to calculate scale. Each student was asked to make a map based on their Campus perimeter walk about with Mr. King, and learned how they can be important tools for understanding place.

Students in Period 3 of Mr. King's Place Based Inquiry class also had the unique opportunity to learn about gardening with Pat Gegan’s Sustainability class. This lesson helped students understand what resources we have available on campus (our Place) to feed and sustain ourselves. The lesson also helped students make the connection of how the value of Malama can be used whereby caring for the land in turn helps us care for ourselves. Students were introduced to the planting beds between Wilcox Gym and the Elementary quad, and spent a few minutes weeding the beds in order to prepare them for planting. They then enjoyed a sample of freshly made pesto, made from basil harvested during Mr. Gegan’s Sustainability Class. One student commented “I wish we had done cool things like this in our old school." Food can be used in a very powerful way to connect students to place.