The Power of Place: Noticing and Wondering

Part of our curriculum is based on authentic learning though place in three contexts which are instructional, environmental, and cultural. Our child-centered inquiry approach in these contexts provide an exciting and energizing way that engages children’s hearts and minds in order to measure and report growth in the important key developmental indicators of cognitive growth and executive functioning.  Our place project will be year long as we visit various ahupua’as  in our community.  We will collect data on the Moku location while reflecting on each locations uniqueness using our senses.  When we return to school we will reflect on the experience.  Reflection is more than a memory, it is remembering with analysis. As our students grow, their ability to form mental pictures increases, they can recall over longer periods of time and their reflections become more detailed. Our first trip this year was at Hanchett Ranch, in the Ahupu`a of Moloa`a, and the Moku of Ko`olau. 
The children’s reflections on what they noticed and wondered about…
guava, strawberry kind and rotten guava
something stinky, maybe poop
branch breaking, crack!
cat claw, don’t touch it!
’Ulu, like we found on our other walk, can we make more malasadas?
baby waterfalls, it sounded like bubble, bubble, bubble
root beer plants, my hands were full of them
the goats poop so much because they are living things
I was happy there