Gift Cards for Hanai Students through GSA

Each year, the Kaleidoscope GSA "adopts" disenfranchised hanai LGBTQ students from Kaua'i who are in need of support during the holidays. In the past these have been high school and middle school students who have been turned out by their parents or face bullying and rejection by their families and/or their school community.  The GSA takes up collections and purchases gift cards from local stores (Safeway, Longs, Walmart), which these students use to buy food, toiletries, and personal items they no longer have access to. We receive anonymous non-confidential information about these students from Matthew Houck, who works with youth at the YWCA. This year the members of the Kaleidoscope GSA will be "adopting" two such students. Our kids are anxious to start, and will be working with Ms. Christine and Mr. Gegen on this project, with Mr. Steinbacher's support. Monetary contributions and donations of gift cards should be designated for the GSA and may be given to the Front Office staff or to Mr. G. The Kaleidoscope GSA thanks you for your support and generosity.