Faculty Housing

We are making some headway in helping teachers find housing, but still have some in need. Please email hr@ischool.org if you can provide any leads, contacts, or housing.

Here are the needs - at this point, short or long term leads would be incredibly helpful:
  • One couple arriving on July 14 with a wish list of being within 10 miles of school, they have a small dog, and would ideally like something around $1500/month. They don’t mind if it is very small.  
  • One family (2 parents and a 12 year old) with a dog
  • One man arriving July 3rd looking for small place - wife and older sons will remain on Oahu for now
  • One single man arriving in July TBD
  • One single man looking for something simple - could be a studio, no need for full stove, could be rustic