Shearwater Release with 4th and 5th Grade

This week, Island School fourth and fifth graders helped Kumu Sabra release ‘A’o shearwater birds during the annual  Ho‘opomaika‘i ‘ia na Manu ‘A‘o at Lydgate Park. This was organized by the Kaua‘i Endangered Seabird Recovery Project (KESRP) and the Save Our Shearwaters (SOS) Program. When asked why it is important to protect Kauai's endangered seabirds, Island School students responded thoughtfully: Sophia Kua said, “We should protect ‘A‘o because they lay only one egg a year.”  Elise Lawhon added, “I think we should protect ‘A‘o because we need them to keep a good balance in the forest ecosystem.” Aine Conway said, “We should protect ‘A‘o because all birds are welcome, and no bird should have to go extinct.”  Taylor Agustin added, “They have an important role to play on our islands, they were used by navigators to find their home.” Click here to read about it in the Garden Island.