7th Grade Field Trip

Yesterday, 7th Grade Life Science students worked in collaboration with Hui Makaʻāinana o Makana as stewards of the land as they worked to weed, maintain, and harvest the loʻi (taro patches) in Hāʻena. One of their tasks was to collect nutrient rich Azolla by brazing the top of the water with nets and then to transport it to other patches.  They also had the opportunity to harvest kalo. Students were gifted kalo for their contributions as they are only for community consumption and donation. Some of the loʻi walls in the area have been carbon-dated to over 800 years old.   This organization is a non-profit community-based organization formed by lineal descendants of Hāʻena who are “dedicated to the protection of natural and cultural resources in Hāʻena, Kauaʻi through perpetuating and teaching the skills, knowledge, and practices of our kūpuna through interpretation, restoration, and care.” 

A special Mahalo to community members Emily Cadiz and Shannon Maldonado for sharing their knowledge and expertise. In addition thank you to Rachel Steagall for planning and organizing this opportunity for the 7th grade students and to Alika for driving the bus.