Middle School Health and Wellness

8th Grade Students in Mr. Archie’s Physical Education Health and Wellness class took their Written Final Exam on the Health Unit covered during the the second quarter and their meaningful culminating activity was a mini cookout here on campus. During the two hour period, the 8th graders learned how to grill some staples found at any local cookout. Steak, teriyaki chicken and hot dogs (the red kine). They also made a grilled Brussel Sprout dish as a side. Students learned how to prepare the marinade for the chicken, season the steaks and how to use the grill. Each student took part in the preparation, cooking, cutting and serving. The meaningful culminating activity incorporated team work and following directions in which they learn daily in class. From today’s lesson, Students had an opportunity to learn something new and were able to meet their objective and share a meal with each other. After getting their first Written Final done, they are ready to take on the rest of the week of Finals!