Art Club Field Trip

The Middle School Art Club meets together every O Day for lunch in the art room where student artists work in their own sketchbooks while cultivating a community of friendship and creativity. On Saturday, December 3rd, students in the art club traveled to Oahu to visit the Honolulu Museum of Art with Miss Kara and Mr. D. 
Students were able to view temporary exhibits including an immersive floral installation by British artist, Rebecca Louise Law, intricate woven masks and head pieces by Kanaka Maoli artist, Noah Harders, and “Reveries” celebrating the life and work prominent Chinese American artist, Hung Liu. Feel free to explore these three artists’ incredible work further in the links below. 
Students had personal experiences with the art, each sharing about connecting to different pieces of work for unique reasons. Whether it was seeing their own culture represented in art or feeling inspired by the wonder instilled from walking through thousands of suspended, dried flowers, the students appreciated the experience with reverence and engagement. It was a beautiful day for Art!