In With the New

Congratulations on seeing us through a busy, productive, mostly back to pretty much normal semester. With winter break beginning, I do wonder who’ll actually find their way to this message. So as a reward to those of you who do, and it has actually turned out to be more than a handful of faithful readers, my commitment is to be brief (for once). But you should know that just as we get back, some really important stuff will be happening—the big reveal of the permanent head of school search finalists. Here’s what to expect:
Remember back when the Search Committee sent us an outline of the process ahead, months ago? The sequence included picking some hotshot consultants, surveying all our constituents, writing up an “opportunity statement,” getting that word out to the school world, harvesting dozens of candidate statements, and reviewing the big group to select a basket of promising semifinalists to interview by Zoom. All that work is now, thanks to the good people of that committee, done. Whew.
What follows will be in-person visits starting just after we return. Typically that means a select few finalists here for two very full days each, in succession, working a packed schedule. It’s the closest thing to running for office that I ever experienced or hoped to experience. What sometimes gets lost in the shuffle is the fact that these candidates are interviewing us just as much as we are them. It’s our chance to shine and to paint the best picture of the possibilities ahead for the school. Count on me to be doing just that.
Stay tuned for detailed info from the dedicated search chairs, and pencil yourself in to be part of the final stage of this defining process for Island School. I’m so excited to see what this interim year’s worth of time will generate as an outcome. And then to help pave the way for a great start to the school’s next chapter.
There’s part of my New Year’s resolution. That and also, in no particular order: spending some time each week at our amazing pre-K, making sure we fully fund the new building so there’s no debt to carry long term, doing something meaningful for our faculty and staff on the compensation front, working hard to support our admission process as we respond to growing demand for spaces here, being as visible as time allows at the full range of events that feature our students, and on the personal side, finally getting to hike some of the island with Bea, my better half, now that my new hip works (almost).
Wondering what your resolutions might be. Some adjusted routines at home? Some more visibility on campus? Some material support for what you appreciate most in our programs? Reaching out to the families of your kids’ friends? Now’s not the moment to push on all that—enjoy the break—but please resolve to return with the certain knowledge that your choices and commitments will make Island School what it will be next. All best for the holidays ahead.
With continuing gratitude for the chance to be here,