Investigative Journalism in Middle School English

Sofia and Mohala:

With the new version of false nuclear fusion,
Scientists found a way to make energy and bring worldwide climate change to a conclusion.
It will affect our community by keeping the area around the same.
Causing comfort and not going insane.
It affects our lives by causing everyday tools to change.
Even though the environment will more likely stay the same.

Spencer, Luc, Lai:

Pele…the Brazilian soccer legend
He was the greatest in his generation
The greatest in his nation

He was the best
In the North, South, East, and West
Wearing a vest
Trapped with his chest

When he died everyone grieved
The whole world
The whole land
The whole place we now see
My friends were sad 
And my family members grieved

Pele…he won 3 world cups
Carrying his team, his country

We’re stunned, everyone cried
Grieving that the Brazilian legend just died


Oh, H2O
You’ve shown how I need to make you a priority
Without you, I’ll age quicker and be ill
You’ve shown my community that you reduce the risks of chronic diseases 
You’ve even shown the world that without you, many pass due to dehydration
Oh, H2O
how we need you…


Far from home
Nowhere to roam
Behind bars
Can’t see the stars
Finally free
not as debris
Brittney Griner will drown
If she frowns
stays on the surface 
To serve a purpose

We will do the same
life we will tame
Stay with a friend
Do not pretend
She was fateful
So we must stay grateful.

Ashlyn, Ellen & Malia:

California storms really hit hard
Trapping people and ruining their yards
Water flooded through the town
Bringing many trees down
Family members stuck in the flood
some families lost their beloved
Our friends are out of school for a bit
We’re worried for their safety I have to admit
Too many houses washed away,
Sadly polluting the bay
We may be next in line
All we have to do is hope we’ll be fine
Winds wiping out the beaches
With the bomb cyclone coming, it might reach us

Porter, Liam, Hunter, and Rico:

Damar Hamlin shocked the world
When he took a twirl
And made fans hurl
to the hospital in a hurry
At home, it made fans scurry
Made us worry 
In the community
Praying that he is 
So, he comes back with glory
So, this isn't the end of his story
And Damar will play again, so it's not boring

Sadie, Sydney, Sky, and Avani:

Water, oh water…
Flooding our cities
Ruining our homes
Devastating our families
Rest in peace, to the 19
Causing billions in damage, 
Money gone
Sorry, Cali…


We love our planet earth, what more should I say
We’ll be grateful and love it til the end of our days
We all live on this great, giant planet 
So, we should all do our best to protect
Let's take care of our planet, our precious home
If we do, then in a decade, we might have fixed the ozone 


Scientists are saying the ozone is coming back,
restored soon, it's on track.
To be restored less than a hundred years,
Earth will be better, no more tears.
This helps me because it’s good,
the Earth will be as it should.
The environment is important to me,
hopefully to everyone, but we will see.
My community will be happy, too,
my family will probably say, “Woo hoo”!
And of course, outside my community,
the whole world must work together,
So that our world doesn't turn into the nether.


In California there were many floods
This killed people and spread blood

This was due to a massive winter storm
For the residents of California it was informed

This affects my community
Because it happens here, too, and is not funny

The flood affects the state of Hawaii
Because it happens here, too, especially in Kauai

This event in California affects the whole world
Because when thinking of people in the flood it makes emotions whorled

It even affects only me
Because if it happened near me, I would flee


Shark tooth found, searched it out like a hound 
by a girl named Molly Sampson.
Molly’s only 9, though, she can certainly find, 
amazing things that scientists could not really define. 
How rare this is from a megalodon that's been ages gone. 
This day down in Maryland will spread across the land, 
People young and old will soon want to see this gold.
Well, start to search, and search to find more merch of this fish.
Maybe I'll stop by the bay and look a little not to miss.


LHS 457
Is an exoplanet
With a very short year
And was the first one to 
Be detected by 

(It makes me smile…
(for a few minutes)
That we can finally
Say it’s up and running
But other than that,
Other people don’t
Really care.
I can see that.
But maybe
My classmates
Might get a bit excited
But not much)

And it’s the closest to the earth
(In diameter)
Ever found
It orbits in two days
(Extremely short,
Considering that
Mercury orbits in 88)
And although it’s not nearly the shortest
(Very long,
Considering that
K2-138b orbits 
in 2 hours,
Almost 24 times faster)
It’s still an extreme.


Biden’s team found files in an office.
Their good searching comes with practice.
On Jan. 20, 2023,
the documents should not be free.
They searched and found, 
files on the ground.
This relates to me and my family
because it's obvious if you can see.
It affects our community, too,
because Biden is our president, Dude.
That of course affects the world.
With someone else in charge it might unfurl for goodness sake,
a new president might pursue laws that would make us shake.