Middle School Science Olympiad Recap

Science Olympiad was held at Kauai Community College last weekend and was a great success!  We had 5 bridges, 2 trebuchets (catapults) and 2 wheeled vehicles for the Build Events, the most ever in the Island School Science Olympiad history. Students prepped in the other 10 knowledge events. Lily Glick was nominated for the Spirit award and that nomination will go to the State competition!

We would like to thank Ryan Girard, Cheryl Lum, event supervisors and college students who volunteered their time to  support the event.  We also like to thank Heather Miller (Tanner's mom) and Jenny Lewis (Sofia's mom) who have both helped the team since August. Pat Gegan was instrumental in helping the students to understand the mechanics of the trebuchet. 

Next week, we will start the training for State adding 8 additional events. The State Tournament will be held on April 1 at UH.