Mask Making in High School Art

HS Studio Arts Students were introduced to masks of the world from various cultures including: Africa, Bali, Indonesian and North American Indian. 

They viewed the work of Hawaiian mask maker Noah Harders and Kumu Sabra Kauka also engaged students in discussion about the Hawaiian Aumakua. Students learned the significance the “personal” Aumakua as a Protector, Power Source or Relative.

Using only recycled brown paper bags (and their imagination) students designed a mask based on their idea of a “personal aumakua”.

Learning Objectives: Students learned about folk art traditions, folk masks and the art of mask making in different cultures. Students gained hand building skills by translation of a  2-d concept (via sketches) into a 3-d form.

Traditional paper mache techniques were used and students had to mindfully work with the media for hand building using skill, trial and error and much patience. Most students completed on time and successfully achieved a finished mask. A good exercise in pursuing and finishing a long term creative goal.