Learning Center for the Middle Grades: Academic Support

Stephanie Achuara
Teachers are aware of the varied developmental characteristics of young adolescents and design instruction and use classroom management strategies that address, support, and capitalize on these characteristics.  Teachers naturally integrate SEL into academic curriculum through teaching practices that promote SEL modified to fit grade level and content areas.  Teachers meet regularly to discuss best practices offering students opportunities for responsibility and choice, cooperative learning, and classroom discussions.  Teachers allow time for self-reflection, self-assessment, modeling, practicing, giving feedback, and coaching students to reach their full potential. Warmth, flexibility, and support guide teachers ideals.  

In order to offer additional support to students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade, a “Learning Center” has been implemented effective at the start of the Second Semester, Quarter 3.  Middle School teachers are available to offer guided instruction in content, supplementing and reinforcing classroom material. Students may also receive support in academic or social transitions, progress monitoring in academics, or help with study skills and habits.  The Learning Center will be in the Noni and Ulu Rooms and will be from 3:15-4:00 Monday through Wednesday and by appointment only on Fridays. (Thursdays are scheduled teacher meetings). Students who earned grades of C- or below in coursework are strongly encouraged to attend and use this resources as part of their action plan for success.  

Please reference the schedule below for teacher availability:

Joy Linam; 7th & 8th Grade Spanish (Noni)
Charles Woolfork; 7th Grade Social Studies (Noni)
Brent James; 6/7 English (Noni)
Kieran Conrad; 8th Grade English (Ulu)
Janet Powell; Digital Media/My Voyager (Ulu)

Peter King; Digital Media/8th grade (Ulu)

Stephanie Achuara; Math/Science (Noni)
Archie Achuara; P.E., Health & Wellness (Noni)
Pat Gegen; 8th Grade Social Studies (Noni)
Alice April; 6th Grade Social Studies, Theatre Arts (Ulu)
Joe Corbo; Math/Science (Ulu)

Scheduled Teacher Meetings

by appointment

*Philip Steinbacher; Music (by appointment)