Kaua'i County Farm Bureau Fair

The last seven years, Island School has participated in the Kaua'i County Farm Bureau Fair in order to raise funds for K-12 grades. All proceeds are divided up based on the number of students in elementary, middle, and high school level grades. This additional source of revenue allows our teachers to utilize tools, fund educational field trips, and provide additional opportunities that otherwise would not be included in Island School's operating budget.

We sold our traiditional steak plates made with Makaweli beef, which is 100% grass-fed cattle-without antibiotics, growth hormones or steroids— in a pristine setting that respects the land and the island’s natural resources.  In addition, we also served up our mahi mahi plates provided by Eskimo Candy, Inc. If you have a hard time deciding between marbled Makaweli beef and fresh mahi mahi then we also provide the Combo plate! Fair goers also had the option of a qunioa tofu salad with excellent marinade and fresh island ingredients. 

It takes many hands, hours, and planning to make this work year after year and that is why we are so appreciative to our volunteers and our students for contributing their time, expertise, and support to help make this event successful for Island School and our students. We'll see you there next year!