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Head of School Search 2022

Update #2 - RG175 CAMPUS VISIT (SEPT. 26-27, 2022)


Aloha Island School community,
We're writing on behalf of the Head of School Search Committee to inform you about an upcoming visit by our Head of School search consultant Dr. Jim Scott of RG175.  Dr. Scott will be arriving on Kauai this Sunday and will be meeting with various individuals and groups of people at Island School on Monday and Tuesday.  A tentative schedule is being finalized and will be posted before the weekend on the Island School website,    https://www.ischool.org/head-of-school.
The purpose of Dr. Scott's visit is to learn more about Island School to help RG175 and the Search Committee craft a Position Description document which clearly portrays the school and the opportunities for the next Head of School as the new leader. The Search Committee will soon be inviting all parts of the school community to participate in a brief anonymous online survey about Island School.  The data collected through the survey will also help with development of the Position Description document which will be used to advertise the leadership opportunity in coming weeks.
In closing, thank you for your interest in the search process and for supporting the mission of Island School.
Sam Pratt & Jed Gushman, Co-Chairs

Search Consultant Schedule *

Monday - Sept. 26, 2022

7:45 am
Dr. Jim Scott - arrive at Island school
8:00 am
Meet with Vince Durnan, Head of School
HOS Office
8:45 am
Campus Tour with Sean Magoun
9:30 am
Meeting with Division Directors (PreK, Elementary, Middle, & High School)
Frear Center
10:30 am
Meet with High School Students
Frear Center
11:30 am
Lunch with Director of Institutional Advancement
Frear Center
12:30 pm
Meet with Middle School Students
Frear Center
1:30 pm
Meet with Business Manager
Business Office
2:30 pm
Meet with Director of Academics Frear Center
3:00 PM
Meet with Athletic Director
Frear Center
3:30 pm
Meet with Faculty & Staff
Frear Center
4:30 pm 
Meet with Search Committee
Frear Center

Tuesday - Sept. 27, 2022

7:30 AM
Dr. Jim Scott  - arrive at Island School
7:45 AM 
Meet with Parent Association and interested parents
Frear Center
9:00 AM
Meet with Elementary Students
Frear Center
10:00 AM
Meet with Executive Assistant
School Office
10:45 AM
Meet with School Counselors
Frear Center
12:00 PM
Closing - Lunch with Vince Durnan
1:00 PM
Wrap up with Search Chairs (Jed Gushman + Sam Pratt)
Frear Center

*Schedule subject to change

Previous Updates

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  • Update #1

    August 24, 2022
    I hope the school year is off to a great start for you and your family and that you’ve had the chance to help welcome our Interim Head of School, Vincent Durnan!  I am writing with an update about the upcoming search for a permanent Head of School at Island School.
    I am pleased to announce that Sam Pratt and Jed Gushman have agreed to serve as co-chairs of the Head of School search committee. The committee is currently being assembled and will represent all parts of the school community. The job of the search committee will be to oversee a transparent, inclusive process and to evaluate candidates against criteria that the entire Island School community will help to create.
    The Board of Directors is pleased to share that we have contracted with Dr. Jim Scott and Doreen Oleson of RG175, a school leadership consulting firm, to assist with the search for the next Head of School. Their in-depth knowledge of school leadership, and in particular Hawaii independent schools, is expected to be valuable. More information can be found at RG175.com.
    During the month of September, we will conduct a survey about Island School which will invite our school community members to participate in anonymously.  In late September we will welcome Dr. Scott and Ms. Oleson to Island School to meet with various groups and individuals.  Using the survey responses and conversations, the consultants and committee will form a position description which will be used to publicly announce and advertise the opportunity to lead Island School beginning July 1, 2023.
    The field of applicants will be carefully screened and narrowed to a pool of semi-final candidates who will then be interviewed by the search committee via internet conference.  Finalist candidates will be identified and will visit the Island School campus in the fall. At this point, we will look to the Island School community to play another important role—meeting the finalists, asking questions and giving feedback to the committee. Your impressions will help as the search committee deliberates on which new leader to recommend to the Board of Directors for consideration. We plan to identify and announce our next leader before the end of 2022.
    More details about the committee and the upcoming survey will be sent in a few weeks, and details of the consultants' visit will follow shortly after. As the process moves forward, we will continue to send updates to you and post information on our website, www.ischool.org/head-of-school.  Thank you for your continued interest in this important process!
    Kathy Richardson, Chair, Board of Directors