Head of School

We are so glad to share with you our School, where for nearly 50 years we have provided Kaua’i our distinctive program from which our students become independent thinkers and explore with curiosity, creativity, and confidence. From the voices of our young Pre-Kindergarteners in their outdoor classrooms to the robust debates amongst our juniors and seniors, we hold the student voice at the center of all we do. Island School is an environment where students feel safe to voice their opinions, take risks in their learning, and seek new challenges. We cultivate a dynamic learning environment where respect, compassion, and integrity are fundamental aspects of our college-preparatory program. As you get to know our community, you will see that we are a relationship-based school. Teachers are wholly dedicated to the well-being of every student, and we foster meaningful partnerships with our families and readily stay connected with our alumni. We work hard so that every member of our community is celebrated, seen, and belongs. 

Our nearly 500 PK-12th grade students are challenged daily to live our mission: “Educating the mind, inspiring the heart. Preparing Kauaʻi youth to lead lives of significance.” We know that when our students embark on their journeys beyond Island School they will do so as confident, able, compassionate young people ready to make a positive difference in their worlds.  

Thank you for your interest in Island School.  The vibrancy of the Island School ‘ohana is best experienced in person, and so I invite your family to visit and witness our incredible learning community firsthand. We are Voyagers, and we invite you to begin a journey with us.

Nancy Nagramada
Head of School